Scoping and proofreading court transcripts

If you are looking for a skilled, hard working and fast scopist or court transcript proofreader – who is willing to work unsocial hours (i.e. you give me the job as late as 23:00 PDT and you can have it back by the start of work the following morning!

Here are our rates:

Scoping without audio or scoping with audio spot check only:

3 – 5 days turnaround: 1.10 per page
2 days: 1.55 per page
1 day: 1.90 per page
less than 24 hours: 2.30 per page

Scoping line by line with audio (listening to every single word):

3 – 5 days: 1.25 per page
2 days: 1.75 per page
1 day:  2.10 per page
less than 24 hours:  2.60 per page

Proofreading only:

3 – 5 days: 0.50 per page
2 days:  0.65 per page
1 day:  0.75 per page
less than 24 hours:  0.95 per page

Rough drafts:  0.45 per page and then scoping rates above for final draft.