Prospectuses for securities

In some ways, prospectuses for the issue of securities are like fundraising business plans, inasmuch as they will contain both textual portions and financials. But they are also like annual or quarterly reports in the sense that they must not only be written to the highest professional standards, but also comply with stringent regulatory standards.

A well-written prospectus – like a fundraising business plan – will show the company’s areas of activity, its key personnel, the size and type of its market, it’s market share and it’s growth prospects whether within a static market or a growing one. It will show the company’s P & L, balance sheet and projections. It will also contain information about the securities being offered, the extent to which the immediate investment will be diluted (if the company valuation for the purpose of the sale of securities is more than book value) and various obligatory warnings about risks and investor exposure.

Obviously you will get a solid team of professionals to draft the text and financials. And to ensure legal compliance you will employ the services of a lawyer conversant with financial regulatory issues. But to meet the very high standards of professionalism, you will also want a skilled copy editor and proof reader to make sure that your writers haven’t missed anything. This would normally be the last stage before putting the draft to the lawyers, to make sure that the material is as close as possible to its final state before the lawyers go through it with a fine-tooth comb.

With my experience working at Wolfe-Lombard and Sterling International I can give the task of copy editing and proof reading your prospectus the professionalism that it deserves.

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