Books (fiction)

You’ve put your blood and guts into you novel. Now you’ve come to the last hurdle. You want your book to make a good impression. You don’t want people to judge it harshly because of spelling or grammatical errors. Even punctuation errors can be a turn-off for some readers. But no matter how keen your eye when reviewing some one else’s work, it is very hard to spot those errors in your own. That’s why you need a second pair of eyes.

And I can be that second pair of eyes that you need. I can read through your book carefully and spot these errors. The result is a clean manuscript, free of spelling, grammatical and punctuation errors.

Or what about those changes you made along the way while you were writing? Did you go back to the earlier parts of the manuscript and change them too, to keep the story is consistent? Can you be sure? What about your character descriptions and their back-stories? Are they consistent? I remember one book by a prominent and hugely successful writer who gave the age of a character and then his back story without bothering to work out a timeline. The result of all this was that his hero would have had to have served in the army at the age of THREE!!!!!!

Now because the writer was such a best-selling author with several other best-sellers under his belt, he was able to get away with it. But that doesn’t mean that you or I could!

Or did you, maybe, inadvertently use the same word twice in rapid succession, thus making your manuscript seem a trifle monotonous? Did you use awkward phraseology or go on too long? Or maybe you jumped abruptly away from a paragraph or scene without successfully saying what you were trying to say, assuming (wrongly) that the reader had understood.

That’s where the copy editor comes in. I can read carefully through your book, making notes and catching these contradictions and inconsistencies. The result is a clear, consistent story that flows and holds the readers attention and comprehension.

Special Deal for books
In the case of long works, such as full length books and ebooks, the procedure is different in two ways.

  1. Firstly, as soon as I receive the full work, I will randomly select a passage of text between 1000 and 2000 words and proofread it free of charge! I will send the proofread copy with the quote and this will give you an indication of the quality of my work.
  2. Depending on the length, I may offer staged payments, so that you pay in instalments as parts of the work are delivered.

For a quote please send your manuscript or copy to along with the deadline and indicating whether you want the quote in sterling, US dollars or Euro. Or contact us by phone or using the form below.