With the rise of self-publishing that was opened up by the Kindle, and then expanded by the tablet and smartphone markets, eBooks have developed something of a bad reputation when it comes to copy editing and proofreading. Aside from the issues that affect books in general (e.g. spelling, grammar and punctuation) there are also layout and formatting issues that can affect the quality of eBooks. But very often, these factors do not become apparent until the manuscript is converted to mobi, epub or pdf formats. Of course the author can go back and correct the errors even at that late stage. But it is much better to avoid the errors in the first place,  before getting to that stage!

As a proofreader I can ensure that your eBook is properly formatted as well as free of errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar. As a copy editor, I can ensure that your eBook is consistent and intelligible and that it flows and holds the readers attention and comprehension.

Special Deal for eBooks
In the case of long works, such as full length books and ebooks, the procedure is different in two ways.

  1. Firstly, as soon as I receive the full work, I will randomly select a passage of text between 1000 and 2000 words and proofread it free of charge! I will send the proofread copy with the quote and this will give you an indication of the quality of my work.
  2. Depending on the length, I may offer staged payments, so that you pay in instalments as parts of the work are delivered.

For a quote please send your manuscript or copy to dpakproductions@gmail.com along with the deadline and indicating whether you want the quote in sterling, US dollars or Euro. Or contact us by phone or using the form below.