Business reports and filings (Annual, Quarterly, etc.)

Annual Reports and Quarterly Reports have to meet very high professional and regulatory standards. For regulatory standards, you go to a business lawyer, who will make sure that the report is compliant with the disclosure and accuracy laws of the appropriate jurisdiction.

But of course you also want the report to meet the highest professional standards too! For that you need a proofreader. But not just any proofreader – you need a proofreader who understands the special requirements of financial reporting.

This is where I come in. I worked for financial public relations companies Wolfe-Lombard and Sterling International, where my job included reviewing the content of Quarterly Reports and Annual Reports – not only proofreading the raw text, but also checking for contradictions, making sure that the words reflected what the numbers indicated and guaranteeing that the report as a whole would pass the most thorough scrutiny of investors, senior company personnel.

Furthermore, I also made sure that the material was in a fit final state to pass on to the lawyers who would give it their final review to make sure that it conformed to the stringent requirements of the regulators!

That is the service I can offer to business customers, requiring copy editing and proofreading of their Annual and Quarterly Reports.

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