Business plans

There are two types of Business Plan:

  • Business Plans for fundraising
  • Business Plans for internal use

The first, as the wording implies, are to show prospective investors and lenders what the company has done, where it stands now and what it plans to do. Such business plans show the company’s areas of activity, its key personnel, the size and type of its market, it’s market share and it’s growth prospects whether within a static market or a growing one. A good business plan of this type should be rich in data as well as graphics. It should contain both textual and financial portions. The textual portions would describe the company in terms of what it does, how it came into existence and who are the people who keep the wheels turning. The financial portions would include profit & loss accounts, balance sheet and  cash flow projections, (sometimes divided into optimistic, pessimistic and intermediate). There should be pie charts to illustrate market share and bar charts to highlight growth.

Business plans for internal use are meant to serve as a guide for key company personnel in the implementation of their expansion and growth plans. The plan tells team leaders what they should be doing and what other team leaders will be doing. This type of business plan is analogous to a game plan for a sports team or a battle plan for an army.  And as such it must be clear, intelligible and focussed. Although you might think that typographical errors are of less importance in this type of business plan than in a funding business plan, you’d be wrong. An internal business plan must be like a flag to a nation: something they can take pride in. And for that it must be clean and sharp to the eye and error-free.

I worked for financial public relations companies Wolfe-Lombard and Sterling International, where my job was to review business plans – not only proofreading the text, but also checking for contradictions, making sure the words reflected what the numbers indicated and guaranteeing that the plan as a whole would pass the most thorough scrutiny of investors, senior company personnel and even regulators!

If you hire me to edit and proofread your business plan, you can count on me to make sure that it will pass muster.

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