It could be describing your company, your product or a whole range of your products. It could be one A5 page, a triple-folded A4 or a glossy 16 page booklet that projects an aura of luxury. Whichever it is, you’ve put a lot of hard work into it already and you want it to look good.

Obviously you’ve gone to a lot of effort to make sure that the graphics are good, because that’s the first thing that people notice. And you’ve had a good copy writer draft the text because once you’ve got past the first hurdle and got the target audience to take a second look, you now want to get your message across.

So now you need a second pair of eyes to go over that text, to fine-tune it and weed out the errors before those proofs go off to the printers. With my services  you can rest assured that it will not happen.

For a quote please send your manuscript or copy to along with the deadline and indicating whether you want the quote in sterling, US dollars or Euro. Or contact us by phone or using the form below.